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offerings to tend the challenges, stories & transitions relating to our health, fertility & menstrual cycle

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I'm Hayley & I'm glad you're here

natural family planning educator \ Birth story listening therapist \ Sensory herbalist \ Ritualist & REGENERATIVE GROWER

I offer a variety of educational, therapeutic spaces and herbal products to heal and transform any challenges we experience relating to our menstrual cycle, fertility and health in a grounded, visionary way.

Nature connection, ritual, story medicine and menstrual cycle awareness are foundational parts of my work. Whatever people come to me for, there is always an underlying process of guiding them home to their body, to re-discover their true selves and find belonging in how the menstrual cycle connects them to the wider cycles and ecology we are all a part of.


helping you get closer to who you are & THE GIFTS YOU HAVE TO OFFER these times

I offer a range of 1:1 therapeutic sessions, groups, online courses, regeneratively grown herbal products and unique menstrual cycle charts. 

For 1:1 sessions, we can meet in a way that best suits you ~ at the herb garden (Dartington, South Devon), whilst walking, online, in your own home or in a booked space at extra cost.

I hold a brave, trauma informed space where deep, transformational learning and healing work can be done safely and respectfully. I am active in anti-racist, de-colonising work and endeavour to bring this reflection and unlearning to my work. 

To discuss working together or any other enquiries, please email

for the Restoration & restor(y)ation of body, soul, community & land

calling all who experience the power of a menstrual cycle

+ Charting your fertility cycle online course

Learn about menstrual cycle education, menstrual awareness and natural family planning at your own pace with 1:1 support

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